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Q: How can i pay my bill?

A: Call our billing team on 1300 739 331 or login to the customer portal above with your account number and password. If you don’t know your password, speak to your account manager.


Q: ​What are the outgoing email settings?



Q: Can i have all my services listed on the one bill?

A: Yes!


Q: What should i do with my mobile phone before i go overseas?

A: 1) Ensure your handset is able to work where you are going to, as most countries operate on different frequencies.   

2) Call us to make sure we activate international roaming and disable the voicemail on your service.

3) When using the internet or data on your handset be weary as expensive data charges may apply. * we suggest to purchase overseas data and/or voice packs before you go


Q: What are the billing dates?

A: All bills will be generated on the 28th/29th of each month. Due dates for these bills is the 15th of the following month.

Q: What should i do when my services go down?

A: You can call us on 1300 739 331 or call your account manager. If you are experiencing internet difficulties, try turning off your modem for 30 seconds and also restart your computer/device. Before calling us for tech support try isolating each part of any device used for the service that is not working. ie. change cables, try another modem, mobile phone etc.  If this is of no help please call us on 1300 739 331.


Q: What tools can I use to prevent unauthorised access to my services or account?


Security Tools

Any device that accesses the internet should be protected by a Firewall and Anti Virus Program. We do not supply such software. Google for recommendations.


If you use WiFi, change the name of your Wireless Network (SSID) & ensure security is enabled & you have created a very strong password. Read the modem’s instruction booklet for more information.


A very strong password must contain a mix of letters, numerals & symbols with both lower and upper case.

Mobile Devices

You should use an anti virus program on your mobile device. We do not supply such software. Google for recommendations.
Don’t use free public wifi without a firewall program on your device.
Always lock your device with pin codes or fingerprint. 


A password to access your account is required online. The standard 100 point ID protocol is required using phone support.

FAQ: Terms of Use
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