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For more information about warranties please read Standard Warranty Information.

To add more phones to your business, choose another HOT NBN Business Phone plan with a phone included or choose the HOT DID plan and buy a digital phone outright. Prices for digital phones are shown above.

Terms & conditions:​​​

1. All prices quoted are including GST. 

2. When we supply you with extra hardware on a HOT DID plan, you will be invoiced up front and separately for all hardware and installation fees. 

3. Extra charge of $20 may be incurred for freight of any hardware where more than 2 devices are purchased. 

4. Standard Warranty Information - This service is supplied in accordance with the terms of the Standard Warranty Information. 

5. Pro installation is available in the Perth metropolitan area for a fee of $125.00 per hour, with amount of hours pre-calculated and invoiced before installation. If you require professional installation outside of this area a fee of $125.00 per hour with a $500-00 travel fee will be charged, with amount of hours pre-calculated and invoiced before installation

6. These services require a modem be purchased from us that is not a HNG modem. Refer to our modems page for choices of modems.

7. These phones and services are not compatible with any analogue voice plan on NBN using a HNG modem. You would require to upgrade to a NL1901ACV modem to use both analogue and digital services with NBN.

HOT NBN Business Phone – Yealink T43U:

Product Details:

HOT NBN Business Phone – Yealink T48U:

Product Details:





HOT NBN Business Phone – Yealink W53P:

Product Details:





HOT NBN Business Phone – Yealink T48U expansion module:

Product Details:

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