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Telecom West Business Inbound - In need of a Business Inbound Number?
  • Keep your number forever!​​
  • No need to change your number when relocating or growing your business.

  • Access to all add-on features!​​​
  • Features include: Line hunt, message bank, call forward, calling number display, silent number & number redirection.

  • ​Route your calls!​​​​
  • Because we are so commited to saving you money, we have removed all Flagfalls from our fixed wire services.​

  • ​Have a national presence!​​​​
  • Using inbound numbers promotes your company nationally rather than locally.

  • Simple phone plans that save you $$$!​​​​
  • Let our expert consultants workout the best possible plan to suit your calling habits.​
  • Choose where to receive your calls!​
  • Inbound numbers give you the flexibilty of choosing whether to receive the call on your landline or mobile depending on where you are.

  • Australian based customer service!​
  • Technical support and customer care based in Australia with an average customer care answering time of 20 seconds during business hours 7am-7pm WST / 7 days a week!

  • ​Personal account Manager!​​​​
  • Get your own account manager and his direct contact details. It's the kind of personal service that big telecom providers can't offer. Their loss, your gain!

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